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Regina Clewell
Web Designer - Web Developer

Solid experience and knowledge in programming and design principles, and a low overhead, enables me to build high quality, reliable websites at an affordable cost.

My experience includes 20+ years as a Software Engineer in software development that includes database and web applications on PCs and MACs for small to large companies. In 1994, I began programming as a Web Developer. Prior to establishing my web design & programming business in 2005, I worked for a web design company to gain experience as a web designer.

Customer service is a top priority — That is one of the reason why most of my clients that came onboard when I started my business are still with me today. Work is never out-sourced and calls are returned promptly. Client requests for a few web site updates are typically completed within one business day.

If you are seeking a local web designer, my local service area is the North Shore of Boston, West and North of Boston, Southern New Hampshire. My website services are not limited to my geographic area. I work remotely with many clients throughout the country.

Although I have worked with Oracle, Access, and SQL Server databases, and many programming languages, my primary focus for the last number of years has been PHP and MySQL databases (and of course HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). My web design & programming portfolio lists some of my projects. I would love to tell you about more of the work that I have done, and learn about your needs for your website. Please contact me for more information.

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